Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swimming with the Judds

Max is sitting in time out for trying to drown his sister in the spa.
Dayson decided to join him for sympathy time-out, what a nice guy.
The little mermaid, posing away.
Kambria is quite the swimmer, the water was freezing, but we had a good time.
Can I get out now???

Dayson knocked down a 6-pak while we were at the pool.
More time out.
This is as close as Dayson got to the water, what a brave dude.

Reid Park Zoo with the Judds

Good times at the zoo with Bree and Max. (By the way, Bree has requested that we all refer to her as Kambria.)

  Bree was choosing not to look at the camera most of the day, but we caught her off-guard when she was trying to get Erika's attention.

Does he look like a baboon..  
Or more like a giraffe?
They had so much fun feeding the fish, the best spent quarters of the weekend.

This bird was growling at Max, we decided to move on before it took him out.
Take one, oh, Max isn't ready...
Take two, much better, you two.
I could never get these two upside down at the same time.

Now, that's a cute pair.  They spent the entire day at the zoo in their stroller, just patiently sitting together...well, and a little slapping and biting and yelling.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Backyard update

Ben's amazing workmanship!! He did that in like two days.
Our nectarine tree.

The beautiful hibiscus
Our bird of paradise in the corner.

We're still plugging along. The HOA has put a stop to the gazebo building until they review it (blah, blah, blah) and we've got sprinklers in and the trees and plants seem to have survived their transplanting.

Max's Easter egg coloring special

While I was doing something on the computer, Max decided

to put all of the food coloring into a big bowl. I'm not sure what happened next, but Max ended up with it all over his feet and decided to walk around most of the house like that. It was definately one of those mom times that I wished I had seen the humor right away. I'm sure Max wishes I had as well.

Bryn in all her glory

Bryn got a new purse for Max's birthday and loves it.

Our little princess.
Hanging out with Uncle Ryan
Very helpful with the laundry
Yep, that's poop!!! For some reason, Bryn likes to wait until nap time to poop and then pull as much of it out of her diaper as she can and spread it on as many things as she can find. Mom almost has thrown up every time this has happened, and Bryn is in zip-up pajamas every time she goes to bed now. (notice the poop on the crib railings). My mom told me I shouldn't post this, but I said, "I had to clean it up, you can at least see it."
So, mid-day baths have also been a norm, see, a little poop on the nose? Such a cute little poop.

Max's 3rd Birthday, continued

All the Gibsons, including our favorite Uncle Josh came to join in the festivities.
Max got an airplane...
A bow and arrow (which he shoots backwards), a big pirate sword...
That Josh behind Grandma with a bunny for a face.
And he got a "surfboard", he was showing us how you ride it.
Max thinks he's pretty hot stuff with is new Spiderman sunglasses and his Parrothead hat (Jimmy Buffet, eat your heart out).

We had so much fun with Max's birthday this year, we started out at Grandma and Bucka's the night before and they joined us the next morning for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then off to Encanto Park with his best friend, Wyatt Stepp. After a long nap, he got to choose a movie and then have a big birthday party with a pirate cake (actually Texas sheet cake with Diego decorations, kids will believe anything). It was a huge success and he already acts like a 3-year-old.

Max's 3rd Birthday

Aunt Amber, Grandma and Uncle Gary hanging out.
Uncle Ryan and acrobatic skills.

Max got a really cool Transformer, Maximus Prime, from Uncle Gary the night before his birthday, he was soooo excited.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Backyard

Our house has a pretty big backyard, but had been just a dirt lot, so we decided to spruce it up. So far, we've poured concrete, built a gazebo and planted trees and shrubs. Very fun. Ben and I had to dig and pour footings one night until 10:30, because concrete was coming the next day and we didn't know until the afternoon before.