Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas 2008

This picture epitomizes Christmas 2008 for Baby Lu.

Max and his new remote-controlled truck (compliments of Savers)

Lip gloss for a 2-year old? Why not?
I think she ended up eating half and smearing the other half on the bathroom mirror.

Max seems like a tough guy, but underneath that hard, outer shell is a sucker for Barbie castles.

Really, we could have just gotten him the Ringpop and he might have thought it was the best Christmas ever.

So, in post-Christmas hindsight, Max isn't really ready for anything from which a battery can be removed.

They got some books and Bryn got a personal favorite, Peter Pan.
At the ripe old age of 2, it's really all about how small the pieces of wrapping paper are when you finish.

The threat of Santa not coming because of Max's behavior was probably emotional abuse for the month of December, but very effective, nonetheless.
Santa decided to bring Bryn a bike.  It might be a while before she knows how to ride it, but that's okay, it looks pretty and she looks good sitting on it.

Max's friend Wyatt came over and his mom, Jodie Stepp, had made ginger bread parts for houses.  They had so much fun decorating them.  Of course, Max didn't have enough suger from the candy for the houses, so a little sucker seemed like a totally reasonable request.

That's a cute kid.  Need I say more?

I think he's got a future either as an architect, a designer or someone that sticks candy to the outside of houses (I don't know what that's called).

Wyatt, hard at work.

He got his inspiration from the Red Door Spa, doesn't it look just like that?

Max took this picture and was not very concerned about the flash erupting right in Lu's eyes, so Bucka Noble had the presence of mind to protect her eyesight.

Here's the one that convinced us about the lack of concern for her eyes.

And Lu ended the holiday season just as she had started it.