Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Trailer Chronicles

There is nothing like the spin cycle in a home that can be transported to another location. It's like 4.7 on the Richter scale and it's the whole house. I was in my bathroom the other day and had some laundry going and heard the sound of running water a little more than normal. I bolted all the way across the trailer (sense my sarcasm?) into the kitchen to find water POURING out from under my washer. Much to my chagrin, it was running very rapidly straight into my air conditioning vents. If you've never been in a trailer, the heating and cooling comes from little vents in the floor that you have to make sure not to cover up with furniture, or children's clothing tossed to the side. I grabbed all of the towels I could find just to stop the waterfall and waited for my knight-in-shining-armor-otherwise-known-as-a-contractor-with-tools to come home and fix the problem. no big deal. except that i then noticed that there was now standing water, not just in the kitchen vent, but in all of the vents in the whole, big, huge house. i thought we would all be electrocuted, ben's solution, run the A/C, it'll dry it out. who knew?
So, the other problem is that trailer exterior walls are made with 1x1's or something, cuz they're really thin, so it doesn't do a great job holding in the cool air and keeping the hot air out (it's been over a hundred every day for a week). Ben's solution: in true trailer trash fashion, yep, you guessed it, foil taped on the windows. wow, how low can you go?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Max's 4th Birthday "on April at Chuck e. cheeses"

Max got a new little computer to play games on. I kind of underestimated his ability to catch on to all things electronic and he's kind of already out-grown it. I guess a Dora game and it's a great gift for Bryn!

More than anything for his birthday, Max wanted to go to Chuck-e Cheese's. We had a fantastic day and a very fun party. He had lots of friends and cousins and everyone (especially Mom) had a great time playing games and messing around.

That's my boy!!

Our special little princess, Bryn

So, I decided to share some our favorite Bryn moments, pictures and habits with everyone. She loves her baby sister.
Possibly, even more than loving Lu, she loves to wear Lu's clothes. There's nothing like a full 3T wearer squeezing into 3-6 month clothing. The jacket and the pants are Lu's in these. That is what she likes to do most during naptime. I have had to take off at least 3 layers of Lu clothes that she had put on. The best part is that Lu's dresses actually look like shirts that Bryn could wear (albeit, a little tight in the sleeves).

This is record of the other thing she likes to do during naptime, before she actually falls asleep. I had heard a noise, but didn't think much of it when no major outburst followed. Imagine my surprise when I decided to check and see if she was sleeping. Yep, her whole dresser tipped over, with her pleasantly snoozing in Max's bed, twirling her hair, of course.

Grandma Gibson brought Bryn a little something at Max's birthday party, and she decided to get herself all dressed up.

I'm not sure what my favorite part is, but the shoes are definitely up there.

Somehow, she contracted a cellulitis in her big toe that was rapidly eating her skin and her toenail. We are happy to report that after 10 days, 4 times a day (what moron would ask a mom with ADD to remember 4 doses a day?) we got the thing licked and she's all better.

Does this one even need any commentary, other than i know my girl well enough to know that she must be stripped before eating spaghetti.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter 2009

The day before Easter, we were headed to Grandma and Bucka Gibsons and stopped at the 99-cent store to get stuff. The kids helped us put all the candy in our plastic eggs and we went and hid eggs all over the back yard. The kids had a blast finding them and did a great job sharing (Max gave all of the "girl-colored"eggs to Bryn).