Monday, February 2, 2009

Funny things they say

Relating to breastfeeding:
-Max one day said, "Nipples are kind of like straws".
-Bryn was holding Lu on her lap and kind of shifting her to try to feed her, while she attempted to pull her dress up and she looked at Lu and said, "Eat me! Eat me! You no wanna eat me?"
-Max also tried to feed Lu without his shirt on and i told him his nipples are too small, and he replied, "I don't have milk, I only have juice."

Nicole was cutting Max's hair and said, "Maximillion. Does anyone ever call you that?"
"No, that's not my name."
"What is your name?"
"Max Gibson Noble."
"What's Bryn's name?"
"Bryn Gibson Noble"
"What's your mom's name?"
"Mommy Gibson Noble"
"What's your dad's name?"
"Daddy Gibson"

One day Max came in distressed, holding his pull-up and said, "Look, I had a poop-toot" (we call it a shart).

On the way home from preschool, Max said, "I have the bleshews and the tireds " (sneezes and yawns).

Celery is okay to eat, because the Wonder Pets eat it. So, one day while we were eating salad, Max picked up a piece of lettuce and said, "Look, it's leaf celery".

Lu's Blessing

Ahh, look at the proud parents and the unhappy child.  Is this some indication of how her life will always be?  

That is a cute dad if I've ever seen one.

And a hot Momma.

In the back row, we have Bucka Gibson, Ryan and Amber Howard, Jana Noble,  Ben, Max, Ried, Chloe and Nicole Horton, Bucka Noble, Erika, Bree and Chet Judd, Courtney and Ryan Noble.  In the front we have Grandma Gibson, Anton Noble, Bryn, Kennedy Noble, Sophie Horton, Ellie Noble, Izzy Horton, Rachelle with Lu, Dayson Judd and Griffin Noble.

What a beautiful family! This is all the same people except Grandma Noble is in this one and Ryan Noble is taking it, so he's not.