Monday, November 30, 2009

Gibson Hair Salon ala Max

So.. I know it's been forever since I posted anything, but i just couldn't resist on this one. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving in the west valley with my family. On Thanksgiving day, my sister, Nicole gave 9 haircuts to various family members (Ben, Max and I included). So, she started with my nephews and had them take their shirts off and at the end swept up all the hair. That is the set-up for what happened at our house today while i was being an over-achiever and making dinner at 11:00 a.m. Earlier, Max had gotten the scissors out of Ben's office and Bryn had gotten some pens and a stapler and some post-its. I told Max to put the scissors back, because he was done using them. In the crunch-time of my dinner preparations, i turn around and can't process what i'm seeing: blonde locks of hair all over my living room. Bryn, with her shirt off, with the most fantastic haircut i've ever seen a 4-year old boy give and of course, the broom and dust pan to clean up, because they're on the carpet and it makes sense to sweep up the hair off the carpet, right? i couldn't believe it, her hair was so cute and had curly ends, etc. so...if she was the lead singer in a punk band, her hair would be perfect, unfortunately, she's just a cute 3-year old with a hack-job hairdo. Now, i'm not sure she's going to let anyone trim it up. It does take me back, all the way to being a 4 or 5-year-old. I was supposed to be napping and somehow got ahold of my mom's scissors and proceeded to cut my bangs to the scalp and anything else i could reach. so, my grandma was in town at the time and did her best to clean things up with my hairdo. The next day at church, she was furious to hear that when people asked me who had cut my hair, my response of course, was "Glamma". As Nicole said, it's a childhood rite of passage, so Bryn, when you're old enough to appreciate this, like when your 4-year-old cuts your 3-year-old's hair, you will want to laugh and throttle them at the same time. Just laugh.