Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sabino Canyon outing with the Judds-April 27

We decided to ditch church and head up to Sabino Canyon for a beautiful Sunday morning. The kids had so much fun. We wanted to get all of the kids attention at once, you will now see how we did. This one got Bryn and Dayson.

This one got Bree.
This one didn't get anyone.

Yeah lost cause. Here we again get none.
Here we kind of get Max.
As good as it gets.
What a cute couple!!!
Max thought he should be our picture with us.
Max got his pants all wet, so on the way out, he hiked in his diaper. Since he was little, he thought when you said smile, that means blink, so this is his biggest smile.
He loves his Mommy.
Yep, we really had that much fun.
Shocking that Max has found a stick.
I'd say we look pretty good for a couple of old ladies.
These two are like peas and carrots (whatever that means.)
Bryn loves the water. She had so much fun.

Max's Bambi realization

Max and I were reading Bambi for the millionth time and the part where his mom gets shot doesn't really explain what has happened. He stopped me and said pretty much, "what happened here?" So I said that people had shot and killed Bambi's mom. He got this horrified look on his face and said, "Noooo", drew in a big breath and in all seriousness said, "I'm gonna track 'em down."

Max's prayers

Max has just started to pray in the last little while and we had been helping him, so we would say something and then he would repeat it. So, this week he started praying by himself and this was this morning's blessing on the food.

"Dear Heavenly Father
Thanks for this day, thanks for this day
Thanks for preschool, thanks for preschool
Bless the food, bless the food
Bless Mommy, Daddy and Jesus, bless Mommy, Daddy and Jesus
Bless Max and Missy, bless Max and Missy
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.