Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Max already loves his new little sister

I was putting Max down for his nap today, so we read a story and he was standing in his bed and gave me a big hug and a kiss and then said, "Wait" and gave the baby in my tummy a hug and a kiss. It was sooooo cute.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The monster that's a snake named Ollie

Max came in today and said there's a monster in his room. He is a snake named Ollie. Quite matter-of-factly he added, "I love him". Max doesn't really know his colors yet, but he informed us that Ollie is black with brown stripes and red and green.

We picked up a young woman to go to church with us today and she was in-between the kids in the backseat. Max kept talking about her like she wasn't there. He said, "Are those her church clothes?" I said yeah, and he said "They're her pajamas". I'm sure she was thrilled.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple bobbing at the Stein Family Reunion

The color is a little funny, but I couldn't resist this picture.
Bryn already shows a great sense of style...and she's totally addicted to shoes.

For Memorial Day, we went with Grandma and Bucka Gibson to Canyon Lake, had a picnic and did some "fishing".
I have a pair of satiny gold pajama bottoms. Bryn somehow got her whole body stuffed into one pant-leg. Pretty classy lady
Now that is a cute kid!!

Bryn Really Likes the Potty.

Bryn would spend all day on the toilet if I let her. Unfortunately, she's not really sure how to use it just yet. I predict her being potty-trained before Max.

It's a Monster, no wait, it's a girl!

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday and Max decided to come with us. He was pretty excited and he could tell when she found the head and then she went down the spine and Max said, "Mommy, there's a monster in your tummy." We assured him it was only a baby. When we got up to leave he said, "Did they take the baby out?" He keeps telling me that the baby is ready to come out.
We were in Sedona for our family reunion and I was getting Max out of the truck and he had a bunch of candy in his mouth, which he proceeded to slobber all down my shirt. I said, "oh, you got candy juice all over me." He replied, "And all over the baby." He's now very aware of the lump forming in my mid-section.

We're finally done!!!

After all of our hard work and effort, the backyard is pretty much done. Ben just has to find some time to finish the gazebo. The kids love it! So do I ,cuz there's no more dirt to track into the house.